Miami's Top Dessert of 2015

The only Real Almond Cake, the perfect epicurean gift. Miami's top dessert of 2015, as voted by Miami Curated, Quality Food, Fashion & Culture Blog.

More than just a Cake

Almonds originated in the Mediterranean and have been found in dig sites dating back almost 10,000 years ago almost as far back as 8,000 BC. They have always been seen as a symbol of delicacy, and their bittersweet nature as a symbol of life.
In weddings, it is customary to gift the bride either 5 almonds for well wishes, or 7 almonds for infinite prosperity. In either form, they are given in odd numbers, for their indivisible nature. Their mythology tells us they are symbols of eternal love and hope.

Queen of Thrace, Phyllis, waited to wed her betrothed, but, through a nautical miscalculation, he was 3 months late to arrive. She believed he had found a new lover and abandoned her. In her despair, she died of a broken heart. The gods seeing her true love, transformed Phyllis into an almond tree. Finally, when her lover returned and learned of her fate, he embraced the tree and as his tears rolled down the stem. The almond tree blossomed beautifully in front of all and instantly became the symbol of true love and hope.
Zandra, baker, producer of The Real Almond Cake, prides herself in producing not only delicious desserts but in the best desserts from the Greek Olympus that are rich not only in flavor but history.