Miami's 2015 Top Dessert

The original, the moist, The Real Almond Cake. Miami's top dessert of 2015, as voted by Miami Curated Magazine.

About us

How The Real Almond Cafe made it to America

Married couple, Zandra & Demetrios Kaparis were traveling to the Kaparis’ family nation of origin, Greece. Demetrios’ mother had just passed and they were going to sort her affairs. On arrival, they noticed this beautiful armoire filled with notes and books from the past..

One book, in particular, caught the attention of the international epicurean Zandra. A cookbook that was dated over a century past. It was filled recipes passed down from generation to generation with traditional Greek meals and desserts. Zandra who loved one of Greece’s most ancient desserts, the almond cake, saw the recipe in the book. When she arrived back to the United States she knew that it had to be shared with the world. She bought the best ingredients and began baking. Through many years of perfecting, she found herself producing the first Real Almond Cake from this ancient recipe.Since then, she has been sharing her Real Almond Cake around the world. It makes the perfect dessert, the greatest company to your morning coffee, or delicate bite with your evening tea. It has made its way across the United States, throughout Europe, and down to Latin America; not to mention many exclusive restaurants..
In 2015, the Real Almond Cake won the Award of Best Desserts of 2015 by Miami Curated Magazine. [link]